Setúbal Bay

In 2002 Setúbal became a member of the Club of the Most Beautiful Bays of the World, founded in 1997 with the goal of enabling members to support each other on environmental, social, economic and tourism issues. By exchanging experiences and knowhow, it empowered members to develop their own strategies. At the present time, more than 40 Bays all over the world make up this Club in 28 associated countries.

The club is an international non-profit bringing together the most beautiful bays in the world, with the aim of celebrating shared goals and differences by embracing regional diversity. Besides the undisputed charms of the natural landscapes, beaches, marinas and tourist infrastructures offered by the bays in the Club, it also seeks to extol the virtues of human diversity, customs and traditions, without forgetting their environmental, cultural, historical, linguistic, ethnic and social heritage.

The need for sustainable development has always been an integral part of the Club’s DNA, whose motto ‘Preserve to Develop’ symbolises its aspiration to protect and preserve its bays and foster research and scientific studies on environmental, touristic and socio-economic issues.

The Setúbal Bay Association was created in 2005 to respond to the Club’s vision, with the mission of involving the community in the preservation and evolution of Setúbal Bay as the patrimony of one and all. This mission will only be possible through the improved awareness of the natural resources that surround us.

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Setúbal Bay Brochure

Consult the Association’s Mission Statement here.

Benefits to be
an Associate

  • Participate, with the main institutions of Setúbal and the Region of Setúbal, in joint projects to improve, develop and promote the Bay of Setúbal, one of the most beautiful bays in the world.

  • Contribute actively to the affirmation of Setúbal and the Setúbal Region as a tourist destination.

  • Be an active part in improving the tourism product of Setúbal and the Setúbal Region.

  • Be a preferred partner in the actions organized by the Associação Baía de Setúbal.

  • Be disseminated, promoted and presented on the website, leaflets, flyers and social networks, both nationally and internationally in events and in the editions under the responsibility of A.B.S.

  • To be the object of disclosure and recommendation to the institutions and partner companies of A.B.S.

  • Enjoy discounts on the use of the Auditorium, the meeting room and other facilities at Casa da Baía.

  • Receive free regular information about A.B.S., its projects, initiatives, activities and events.




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