One of the
most beautiful bays
in the world

Setúbal Bay is one of southern Portugal’s best-kept secrets. A bay blessed with tranquil waters, enclosed by the Sado River estuary, the highlands of Serra da Arrábida, Tróia Peninsula and the host city itself. A land of two shores between one river. A land of great places to stay. A land of great food. A land of plenty to do. A land of experiences. All of which make Setúbal Bay a destination you won’t want to miss. A region offering a vast range of things to do and see.

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This region set “by the Sado River” inhabited for more than 2000 years has very rich history and important natural resources, protected by the Natural Reserve of the Sado Estuary, Natural Park of Arrábida and Marine Park Luís Saldanha. Setúbal is therefore, privileged and with perfect conditions for those looking to be in harmony with Nature.

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The Sado region Heritage is the set of assets, cults, traditions, which acknowledged in accordance with their ancestry, historical and cultural importance acquire a unique value of symbolic/material representative durability. It is important that the region heritage is passed on to future generations so that they know their past, traditions, history, customs, culture and identity of their people. From the most emblematic monuments of the Setúbal bay, to local histories and those of the country, the city heritage, that saw Bocage (the poet) being born is engraved in many other icons, such as wine tourism.

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Wine Tourism

An activity that links all the aspects inherent to wine culture, promoting the knowledge of the wine production stages, their aromas and flavours. Wine Tourism invites you to experience by living the local culture and tradition, in order to put into context the historical importance of this agricultural activity in the region, through wine tasting, guided visits to wine cellars and wine tourism tours.

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Typical gastronomy and regional products of Setúbal make this city an exceptional destination, in Portugal and in the world. Who never heard about choco frito (fried cuttlefish), cheese of Azeitão, oysters from Sado, Moscatel wine from Setúbal or even the honey from Arrábida? Whoever travels to Setúbal embarks on a trip to an unforgettable world of flavours and knowledge.

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Events & Partnerships

At the end of each year the Associação Baía de Setúbal (A.B.S.) defines a plan of activities to be developed, with the aim of promoting the city as a tourist destination of excellence. This promotion is done in two different ways: supports and partnerships.

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Av. Luísa Todi 468
2900-456 Setúbal