Caramela is the oldest grocery store in the Union of Parishes of Poceirão and Marateca. The first opening date is 1952 and after being closed for more than three decades, it reopens in 2020 in the midst of a pandemic, as a gourmet grocery store with artisanal products, a wine, cheese and delicatessen store.

Our mission is based on 3 pillars:
1 – Make small producers known;
2 – The short chains;
3 – Provide an experience of maximum quality and minimum effort to our customers.

The Grocery Store

The oldest grocery store in the Union of Parishes of Poceirão and Marateca maintains the preservation of this identity through the memory that the objects illustrate.
In addition to an educational project, a tourist project is being developed at Caramela – Portuguese Grocery Store – to complement the cultural activities of the oenological activities in the winegrowing areas of the Municipality of Palmela.
Objects with history are the motto for this project with pieces that span more than 100 years of daily life, work and local business, in the heart of the Caramela area.

The Market

Caramela also has a stall in the renovated Mercado da Conceição,

in Setubal. We are at stall number 28, the most colorful stand in this market, completely different from all those in the city, with an innovative concept.

It is here that Caramela also promotes some tastings and tastings – it means being attentive to social networks.
We are waiting for you, pay us a visit!
Come to the Market in time, you have everything you need here!

Our products:

Small-scale handcrafted products mainly from small local producers.

Our products are carefully chosen and combined in perfect harmony with each other.

Directly from the producer to Caramela and from Caramela to your table.

Catering and events

Indoor or outdoor we create memories of tables and perfect days.


Caramela – Mercearia
Rua Hermínio Cardoso Guerra CCI 1104
2965-232 Lagoa do Calvo – Poceirão

Caramela – Mercado da Conceição
Banco n.28
Mercado Nossa Senhora da Conceição
São Sebastião – Setúbal

Tlm. 969467974
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